TED Tuesday: Creativity and Play

Happy Tuesday! Our TED Talk this week is brought to us by Tim Brown, who is a designer and the CEO of the firm IDEO. He speaks about creativity and play, as the title says, and Notebook has found those two things to go hand-in-hand.


As children, it seems the world is our oyster (and maybe it is!), but that idea often fades as we grow into adults. Why is that? Brown suggests that it is because as you get older, you begin to care about the judgment of others and therefore, are no longer secure in yourself. It is children who are and feel secure that use their creativity the most. These children have the ability to “go for it”- not caring about what risks they may be taking- and as adults, we often lose this ability.

As adults then, how do we get this ability back? Brown argues that friendship can be the changing factor. Friendship gives us trust, a trust that we can feel secure in, and therefore, feel more open to taking creative risks. Playful exploration in a group you rely and depend on can be a way to examine these creative risks, as long as there are a set of rules that everyone plays by.

So, the next time you feel sick of “adulting”, remember that it is still possible to bring out your creative and playful side.

You can find the TED Talk here.



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