Feature Friday: Sadie Shattuck

Meet Sadie! Sadie is on the Notebook team as the Vice President of Community Development and Outreach.


As her bio on Notebook’s website states: Sadie is a sophomore at Michigan State University, double majoring in social work and arts & humanities. She really enjoys going out into her surroundings, whether it be her hometown or while she’s traveling abroad, to connect and learn, with and from the community’s members. She is very passionate about dreaming big and thinking outside the box, but realizing that those steps may just start with a “to do” list or a quick sketch of your ideas. In the words of Dr. Seuss: “Oh, the thinks you can think up if you only try!”


This spring, Sadie will be joining her fellow classmates in the Residential College of the Arts and Humanities in a study abroad in Costa Rica, where she’ll reside for four months. While in Costa Rica, she will spend two months studying Spanish in the country’s capital of San Jose before she moves on into a small community to begin working on a group project surrounding environmental sustainability. During this time frame, she hopes to continue Notebook’s work and possibly expand what Notebook does into schools in Guatemala in the near future.

You can get in touch with Sadie at sshattuck.notebooksfornotebook@gmail.com.


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