TED Tuesday: Passion

Today’s TED Tuesday is about something that the group at Notebook has deemed so important that we have made sure our partners advocate for the same ideas.

Isabel Allende is an author and activist for women’s rights who has written books surrounding feminism, passion, and creativity including The House of Spirits and Eva Luna.

Allende believes that the feminist movement needs to start now and “take charge and change the world for good” because if women all over the world could reach positions of power and change, the world would advance greatly- “more than technology ever could”, she claims.

Notebook has a partner who embraces this every single day, by teaching girls in Guatemala how to use mobile technology to empower and help them reach their full potential. This organization is called Sheva. You can learn more about them at their website and also, see how we’re involved with them on Notebook’s website.

As you move throughout your day and life, remember to follow Allende’s words to have a passionate and curious heart because there is so much left to discover.

Isabel Allende’s TED Talk can be found here.


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